IT Networks

A resilient IT network with high-speed internet connection is a fundamental requirement for effective communication and a fully interconnected business.

Accent Networks offer you a one-stop shop for all your networked services, using ethernet or LAN cable (Cat5e and above) to carry voice, video images or data between devices.

Connectivity & Business Internet Solutions

Accent Networks work with leading suppliers to offer a range of cost-effective solutions, supporting voice and data business-critical applications across any number of sites.

With more applications moving from on-premise to the cloud, and in particular the migration to internet-based telephone services (VoIP), high speed internet connection is essential. Accent Networks provide the platform on which you can run your business communications and converge both your voice, data and internet connections onto a single network, delivering cost savings and assured service quality.

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Leased Lines

With ever increasing demand for high-speed reliable internet, Accent Networks is moving a growing number of businesses to leased lines.

Leased lines provide businesses with a private, fibre internet connection, with both high-speed upload and download speeds, ensuring high quality, stable internet and voice (VoIP) call quality. As you never share your connection, your speeds will not drop during busy times, and so you will enjoy super-fast connectivity 24/7 at an affordable price.

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